We know chiropractic works, and so do our amazing patients.

Staci A. and her family

We have been seeing Dr. Peltier as a family for two years. Cranial chiropractic care is what helped my 2.5 year old non-verbal son start speaking. I loved being adjusted throughout my pregnancy, too. Our youngest child received his first adjustment from Dr. Peltier on the day he was born! Our kids are now 4, almost 3, and 1. They love to get adjusted twice a month. Chiropractic has helped our whole family's immune systems, learning and comprehension, recovery from falls and injuries, emotional wellness, and more. I ALWAYS tell pregnant and nursing mom's how much benefit they and their babies will receive from wellness care.

Louise O.

When I first started seeing Dr. Peltier, my head felt like a lead ball on my shoulders; had terrible balance issues; and my neck wouldn't move to the left (among other aches & pains). Since beginning my treatment, I feel like a new person! I don't fall anymore and I can see traffic behind me now! The best part of feeling better is that I've been able to drop 80 pounds! I am very thankful and blessed to have found Dr. Peltier and chiropractic care. 

Debbie C.

It all started about seven weeks ago when something didn't feel right in my lower back. Within a couple of days I couldn't get up out of bed or up from a chair without severe pain. I made an appointment with Dr. Peltier, and after seeing x-rays of my neck, spine, and hips it was obvious why I was having issues. After just a few adjustments the pain was starting to disappear and the mobility of my body had improved greatly.  I used to suffer from vertigo, hearing loss, and sense of smell loss, which distorted my taste too. I was told by doctors previously that some of my smell buds may never repair themselves. For the first time in three years, things started to smell like they were supposed to and food has flavor again! Receiving chiropractic is one of the best things I have done for myself!

Nina M.

With the initial treatment Dr. Peltier gave me and now with weekly maintenance treatments,  I no longer have back spasms, nor does my foot roll to the outside.

I am 89 years old and I am able to mow my yard, shovel snow, and do all my daily household chores.

I credit Dr. Peltier with my being able to enjoy an active life.

Robert B.

 The reason I began coming to Dr. Peltier was a lack of movement, pain, and discomfort. I was seeing a physical therapist, but it wasn't helping.  I now have a much better ability to move and experience less discomfort. I am thankful to have Peltier Family Chiropractic in my life. 


I had a traumatic brain injury that compressed my spine and caused the plates of my skull to put pressure on my brain. Several surgeries, CT's, MRI's, vision exams, and x-rays later, it was revealed that my cranial bones were shifted in such a way to put pressure on my brain causing major side effects such as blindness, dizziness, and memory issues. Dr. Peltier working with my cranial bones overtime I have been given back my vision, something several surgeries haven't even been able to do. 

Nancie S.

My everyday life activities were hard to do. I couldn't even hold my head down to read a book because of the pain. I was slumped over, my head, neck, and shoulders protruded out. This caused me bad posture and pain. I wanted back to normal.  My posture has improved greatly, I am no longer slumped over. I can turn my head from side to side. I can now do daily life activities I had long since been unable to do. To list a few things I can do better now than before: bathing, getting dressed, combing and washing my hair. Thank you Dr. Peltier for investing in my health alongside me. 

Melanie H.


I suffered from lower back pain, mobility impairment at times, leg/foot cramps, and headaches. After living in pain for about 6 years, receiving pain blocks every 5 months for 3 years that were only providing temporary relief, and not being able to do what I loved to do, a friend recommended I attend a health seminar. Although I had seen a chiropractor year before, my confidence in chiropractic was low. I had moderate doubts that it could help me. 

I followed Dr. Peltier's recommendations of regular adjustments, I discontinued the use of my pain blockers, and I started stretching exercises and yoga. I am happy to say that after just 9 months of treatment I am mostly pain free and my cramping and headaches are rare in occurrence! I am a believer in chiropractic!

Janet W.

 When I started chiropractic care, I had constant lower back and hip pain. I was not moving as I was used to. I am now pain-free in my lower back and hip. My posture has improved. I stand taller and am no longer slumped over. I am even sleeping better. Thank you Dr. Peltier for helping me get here. 

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